The Imperium

A hidden gem at the heart of Jakarta for your unique wedding reception. 100 to 600 guests capacity. Intimate, romantic garden wedding. Bali Wedding in Jakarta. Up to 1000m2 space. Plenty of onsite parkings. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate, and photoshoot. Find out more.
The Place Where Your Dream Wedding Becomes a Reality
From luxurious receptions to intimate ceremonies, say “I do” above the hustle and bustle of Jakarta at The Imperium


Your Secret Photo Spot in the Heart of Jakarta.
Explore the possibilities of your pre-wedding, pre-sweet 17th, or commercial photoshoot at The Imperium


Celebrate Your Special Day With Bali Themed Celebration in Jakarta
Through all seasons of life, from Sweet 17th birthday to Golden Anniversary, celebrate with your loved ones at The Imperium, where our special packages are sure to make yours a celebration to remember.
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A Strategic Multi-Level Venue
Impress your guests by holding your corporate event at The Imperium – a strategic multi-level venue located within the heart of CBD District Kuningan, Jakarta.
Whether you’re looking for the Bali-in-Jakarta wedding, boho styled wedding or even a New York themed Wedding, we’ve got you covered, with our selection of amazing indoor and outdoor venues for your special day
Kevin & Citra
"Kevin & I had our wedding at the Imperium Terrarium Rooftop. First time we visited the place, we instantly fell in love. We came to meet Yuri and he took us around the place. This place gives a romantic and loving feeling. We can already imagine how our reception is going to be. And it actually turned out even better than we expected! Every corner at The Imperium are pretty. The small steps at the entrance, the stairs to the balcony, the almost 360degrees view of Jakarta City, the glass rooms, and all the pretty green plants which decorated the whole floor. The best part is, you just need to look up and the night sky is there! The Imperium will take your guest away from Jakarta crowd to paradise once they step on the 37th floor. There will be no way you are not loving this place.”
Nicole & Daniel
"The communication was great throughout the planning process. Yuri was very responsive to our queries, providing all the info we needed to make other bookings for the reception, even sending maps and videos of the venue to assist us. He also helped us reschedule the final rundown/vendor meeting as the original meeting was cancelled due to a flood, which did not affect the place but blocked access roads. He did a very good job of keeping us updated. On the day of the event, the lounge room was perfect for resting before the reception, and for preparations and makeup retouching. The extra lifts to the area were great for guests who couldn’t use the stairs, including me in my gown, and my mom who uses a walking stick due to a long term injury. The large fridge was great for keeping the wedding cake, as well as the bubble teas we got lol. There was enough room for my mom to decorate the cake prior to bringing it out."
Katarina & Subham
“Jujur nih ya not to be boastful atau apa tapi my wedding that was held at the rooftop of The Imperium is certainly like no other 💛 Aku belum pernah ngeliat venue se-unique itu. Selama ini kalau dateng ke wedding (walaupun bagus ya decor nya), the venue has always been ya gitu-gitu aja. Ballroom, atau outdoor garden. I was so blessed juga bisa dapat The Imperium to be my reception venue. Udah gitu Imperium was the first place I was recommended (by my WO) and juga visited. Langsng fell in love sih pas masuk and ngeliat. Cinta mati banget sama the environment. And basically the idea of it itself; garden rooftop. 360 derajat pemandangan kota Jakarta. My guests was also in awe tentang tempat nya. Their feedback has been nothing but amazing. Belom pernah juga mereka datang ke Wedding in the Sky. Mungkin ada beberapa org yg pernah and B aja gitu untuk mereka kurang mengesankan. But for me; apalagi untuk host my own wedding reception in such a unique place, itu keren sih hehe. My husband and his family loved it so much as well! Keluarga aku juga gabisa stop ngomongin how much they love the place. I can go on and on ngmngin how much bener-bener aku sukaaa bangetttt. Pokoknya i’m like their free marketer haha ☺️ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED banget! For sure kalau ada temen atau saudaraku yang mau married aku suruh liat this place dulu; and let the atmosphere speak for itself ✨ Sukses terussss untuk The Imperium!”
Nico & Felicia
"Kesan-kesan di Imperium sangat senang. Nuansa beda dari yg lain. Apa lagi view kota Jakarta sangat bagus disore dan malam hari. Tanggapan tamu tempat sangat bagus. Pengalaman so far tidak ada yg kurang. Semua dikerjakan dgn baik dan sesuai harapan. Sukses selalu The Imperium"
Tiara & Aris
"We had our first date in a rooftop bar in Melbourne. That was why we wanted to have an outdoor wedding. We sought for a venue with its own view, so we didn’t need outrageous decor. Both of us love cityscape with gorgeous lights at night—and that was basically our wedding concept. It was quite tricky to find such place in Jakarta. But when we first visited Imperium, we agreed that the space met our expectations. Plus, Yuri was especially helpful during our wedding planning. As we managed everything by ourselves without any wedding organising services, we benefited from Yuri’s experience in the wedding industry. Our wedding was amazing, and we will always remember this memorable night at The Imperium."
Arief & Yolanda
"Wedding di Imperium awal nya milih venue yang outdoor tapi mikir gimana caranya enggak panas, Eh pas banget karena disini lantai 8 dengan kapasitas tamu kita, Enggak khawatir kepanasan dan dapet view kota jakarta. Intinya gag nyesel kita milih tempat disana. Cocok juga sama tema rustic yang kita pilih, Next kalo berjodoh mau anniversary disana buat rayain yang di lantai atasnya buat intimate party."


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